Ios is one of the smallest yet famous and favourable island destinations in the Aegean Sea. Discover all the things that make Ios unique and a place to visit and spend your holdays.


Location: Ios belongs to the south islands of the Cycladic complex. Is close to Santorini and Naxos and travelling to Ios could last from 8 hours (with a conventional ferry) or about 3 hours with a high speed vessel from the port of Pireus. The distance from Naxos or Santorini is just 45 minutes with a high speed vessel and just 2 hours from Mykonos. Island hopping is an easy procedure if you are in Ios island.


Ios has a number of sites that are worth visiting. The tomb of Homer, Ancient Greece’s most famous poet, it is said that is located on the island. You will find it close to Chora at the area called Plakoto. To learn more about the history of Ios visit the Archaeological Museum in the Chora and do not miss the windmills that remind the life at bygone eras. Ios has up to 400 churches scattered around the island. Starting from Aghia Irini that welcomes the visitors at the port, you will discover churches built with the authentic Cycladic architecture and date back to the Byzantine era.




The beaches: The beach of Mylopotas in front of the Dionysos Seaside Resort is the most famous and lively. You can also visit the beaches of Koumbara (5 km- 10 minutes’ drive away from the Resort), Aghia Theodoti beach (9 km- 15 minutes’ drive away from the Resort), Psathi (17 km- 30 minutes’ drive away from the Resort) and the beach of Maganari (17 km- 30 minutes’ drive away from the Resort).


The gastronomic scenery: Ios is famous for the specific cheeses that are made by local producers on the island and the municipal cheese factory. Taste skotiri, the local gryere, niotiko and the creamy cheese called xino with the spicy taste. Other local products are honey, meat, vegetables and herbs that you will enjoy on the island. At the Dionysos Seaside Resort restaurant Almyra you will enjoy all local products in traditional and creative recipes while enjoying the sew view and stylish decoration.


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